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In 1993, the Reunion Group Agreed to raise more than $6000 to build a model of the USS REID for museum display.  Coastal Forces of Bangor, Maine was the model builder which recreated the REID in 1/8 inch to the foot scale.  The model replicates the ship as it came from its last refitting at Mare Island Shipyard in Vallejo, California in July 1943.  A beautiful wood trim display case has been loaned by the Navy Museum in Washington.  The model is on display in the foyer entrance to the Navy Memorial, downtown Washington , D.C. located across the street from the National Archives.  

The letter on the case reads [in part]

Seven enemy planes singled her out for a concentrated kamikazee attack that no destroyer could withstand.  She was blown apart and sank out of sight in in two minutes taking 103 officers and men with her.  In remembering her, the authoritative United States Destroyer Operations in World War II said,  "Reid was one of DesPac's ace destroyers...a small boy with a man-sized war record."  

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